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To maximize and leverage your investment in OLAP Office Explorer™ and Microsoft’s Analysis Services (OLAP), we recommend clients enroll for OLAP training with our experienced OLAP Office™ Training Centre trainers. Our primary objective is to transfer OLAP knowledge so as to empower the user, thus enabling them to develop and maintain functionally-rich OLAP applications. OLAP Office™ courses have been developed as a direct result of international training and practical development experience gained since 1991. Numerous international Fortune 500 and Footsie 100 companies have benefited from OLAP Office™ experience. The training course materials include topic notes, flow diagrams, tutorials and tutorial solutions. The different training courses are targeted at end users, power users and administrators. 


  • Web Interactive Training: Without the expense of travelling, online interactive training from our expert trainers can result in faster knowledge transfer. Include key personnel, even if they are in another city or country. Watch, participate and interact, from the comfort of your desk and computer during the training session. A powerful, real-time and interactive customer experience using an entire range of digital, visual media and voice, to match the productivity of face-to-face meetings. And, there is no need to book that training room.
  • Class room training: Attend one of our training sessions at predefined locations.
  • On-site Training: Have one of our trainers train on-site at your premises.
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