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Unlock the Power of SEC Data with OLAP Office

Are you an independent financial analyst with your own clients striving to provide top-tier analysis and insights on SEC company data? Elevate your financial reporting and analysis with OLAP Office’s unparalleled datasets and BI tools!

Why OLAP Office?

  • Comprehensive SEC Datasets: Access an extensive array of SEC filings, industry financial statements, and detailed company datasets. Our data spans multiple companies, industries, and time series, offering a rich foundation for your analysis.
  • Advanced BI Tools Integration: Leverage the full potential of Microsoft Power BI and Azure OpenAI within your analysis. OLAP Office seamlessly integrates with these platforms, enhancing your data visualization and predictive analytics capabilities.
  • In-depth Financial Visualizations: Transform complex datasets into clear, compelling visual narratives. With our tools, creating dashboards, trend analyses, and comparative visualizations has never been easier.
  • Actionable Insights: Our datasets are designed to support financial analysts in making informed, strategic decisions. Whether it’s for investment analysis, mergers and acquisitions, or industry benchmarking, OLAP Office provides the data you need to guide your recommendations.

Who Can Benefit?

  • Independent financial analysts focusing on SEC data and financial reporting.
  • Professionals working on individual company analyses, multiple company consolidations, industry trends, or M&A activities.
  • Analysts seeking to enhance their deliverables with sophisticated data visualizations.
  • Financial institutions and advisors looking for reliable, in-depth data to support investment decisions.


  • Tailored Data Packages: Choose from a range of data packages specifically designed to meet the diverse needs of financial analysts.
  • Custom Visualization Tools: Access custom tools for creating dynamic reports and dashboards that tell the financial story you want to highlight.
  • Expert Support: Benefit from our team of data experts and financial analysts who are available to help you maximize the use of our datasets and tools.

Join the Leading Analysts Leveraging OLAP Office

Transform your financial analysis and reporting with OLAP Office. Our datasets, BI and AI solutions empower you to deliver insights with accuracy, depth, and clarity. Stand out in the competitive landscape of financial analysis by leveraging the best tools and data available.

Interested in learning more about how OLAP Office can revolutionize your financial analysis? Apply now discuss how we can support your analytical needs and help you achieve your business objectives.

Elevate your financial analysis with OLAP Office – Your partner in data-driven success.

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