Budgeting & Forecasting

Our Company provides

Scenarios: Actuals, Planning, Budgeting & Forecasting with Variance Analysis

For any company, competitor, any SEC company, companies within an industry, or any selection of companies (M&A). Scenarios can be manual, automated and versioned. We integrate to any accounting systems or data sources. Select any account or line item using either Excel or Power BI.

Features Include:

  • Maintenance of Scenario actuals, plans, budgets and forecasting histories.
  • Scenario comparison variance analysis.
  • Translation of world-wide currency forecasts to base currencies.
  • Automatic updating of “actual” period results into the appropriate forecasting periods for a forecast.
  • Automatic forecasting techniques – when the actuals are produced, the forecast is automatically produced. All techniques detailed in the budgeting area are also available for forecasting. This includes the data collection and inputting techniques.
  • Selective forecasting where only material accounts, products, customers, etc. are manually forecast, with the other items being automatically forecast.
  • … and more.

Automated & Manual

Below is an SEC industry’s Total Revenue with Actuals and Forecasts

Below is an SEC industry’s Total Revenue with Actuals and Forecasts

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