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Most people cannot get their heads around SEC company financial statements, so we created a set of visualizations, dashboards, reports, and forecasts to simplify and to quickly understand SEC company and industry data, providing actionable insights to grow your company’s revenues and profits.

We do this for any of the +13,000 SEC companies, any industry, and any comparative companies, to facilitating better data transparency, data preparation, understanding, forecasting, artificial intelligence predictions and use.

Finance’s management reporting, regulatory reporting, budgeting, forecasting and analysis will deliver true value to stockholders, management, asset managers, analysts, corporate finance, investment professions, distribution professionals, tax advisors, government, academics and more. 

Our cloud solution helps deliver the right content to the right person at the right time, and at the click of a button, whilst also allowing the professional to evolve their own content with point-and-click selection, and no programming. Our proactive partnerships, and unmatched service, provides for efficient and effective data analysis. 

Who ‘is’ OLAP Office™?

A provider of financial datasets and Business Intelligence solutions for accountants, financial analysts and distributors.

Why is OLAP Office™ different?

By having a deep understanding of how accountants and analysts work, and by combining the decades of experience in the Business Intelligence arena, OLAP Office™ is able to unscramble the structured datasets into a form that analysts and accountants can understand.

What is OLAP Office™?

An independent provider of innovative, tried and tested financial dataset and Business Intelligence solutions, proactively servicing the individual requirements of each of its clients.

What are the company abilities?

OLAP Office™ can help you understand and incorporate your strategic vision along with a mature financial reporting and/or Business Intelligence solution, developed by an experienced team. 

In today’s economy, companies cannot afford to squander their information and people assets. It’s more common to hear “do more with less” or “focus resources on the most profitable activities”. However, often employees do not have access to the vital information they need to make timely decisions – as a result, new market opportunities are missed. 

OLAP Office™ offers best-in-class financial datasets, reporting and Business Intelligence solutions developed specifically to address the needs of your business. 

Improved accurate financial datasets, combined with the right analytical tools being put in the hands of decision makers, will translate directly to better and more timely and accurate decisions being made. This translates to reduced data costs and to a more profitable bottom line. Get it right the first time with OLAP Office™.

Our Mission
To become a leading provider of a suite of tools that enable Finance professionals to undertake business analysis, modelling and reporting using OLAP Office™ as its preferred partner. OLAP Office™ continually strives to evolve new innovative solutions and techniques.

Company Profile
OLAP Office™ is a niche provider of fast, efficient, dataset, analyst and management reporting solutions using Business Intelligence technology. The company, a leading team in this field internationally, is focused on the design, implementation, training for financial dataset solutions to a world-wide client base. Our consultants have been involved in the Business Intelligence market since as early 1991 and have worked with numerous leading Business Intelligence products. 

OLAP Office™ solutions are diverse and covered under the “Business Solutions” area. OLAP Offices experience ensures you have a correctly structured solution from day one which uses the correct Business Intelligence and relational technologies. The company invests time and effort into making customers effective, efficient and successful as you are our number one priority.

Our objectives for client datasets and reporting solutions include:

  • To improve the timeliness of financial information
  • To improve the quality of information
  • To improve the integrity of information
  • To provide seamless integration between different reporting systems
  • To provide best of breed technology for the solution required
  • To train and educate the user on the technology being used
  • To improve ease of use tools used by users

We help you to:

  • To collect, transform and organize the data
  • To aggregate and model the data
  • To understand the data
  • To turn the data into information
  • To turn the data into knowledge
  • To use the data to predict the future
  • To make smarter decisions
  • To improve your bottom line
  • To turn the data into an invaluable asset
  • To evolve efficient processes
  • To solve problems.

Integrity - we've got it and give it to data

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