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Transforming Assured Guaranty with Howard Taylor (OLAP Office): A BI & Power BI Odyssey


In the intricate world of financial reporting and business intelligence, the collaboration between Howard Taylor, OLAP Office, and Assured Guaranty stands as a testament to innovation and strategic foresight. This narrative unveils the journey of how advanced data management and analytics solutions, particularly through the utilization of Microsoft’s Power BI, revolutionized Assured Guaranty’s approach to financial data analysis, reporting, and compliance.

The Challenge:

Assured Guaranty, a leading SEC company, grappled with the complexities of integrating vast amounts of financial data from multiple sources into a coherent, reliable reporting system. The challenge was not only to streamline financial consolidations but also to align off-balance sheet risk data with financial data, ensuring precision and compliance with regulatory standards.

OLAP Office’s Solution:

Howard Taylor, leveraging decades of expertise in financial reporting, alongside OLAP Office, crafted a comprehensive solution utilizing SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS). This innovative approach involved the integration of a General Ledger and new Sub Ledger, redesigning the SSAS Insurance Exposure cube, and optimizing data management practices to enhance reporting accuracy and performance.

Power BI Integration:

A pivotal element of the solution was the integration of Power BI, transforming raw financial data into actionable insights through advanced visualizations and dashboards. This integration facilitated a more intuitive understanding of complex data, enabling Assured Guaranty to make informed decisions swiftly.

Company Income Statment
Company Performance
Company Trend & Forecasting

Impact of the Solution:

The collaboration between Howard Taylor, OLAP Office, and Power BI dramatically enhanced Assured Guaranty’s financial reporting capabilities. By providing a unified view of financial data, the solution improved data accuracy, streamlined reporting processes, and ensured compliance with SOX and other regulatory standards.

Market Analysis and Competitive Insight Through Competitor Dataset Integrations:

Leveraging OLAP Office’s Power BI datasets, Assured Guaranty integrated competitor data to benchmark performance and gain strategic market insights. This initiative empowered Assured Guaranty to identify market trends, evaluate competitive positioning, and adapt to the evolving financial landscape effectively.

Industry Competitor Fundamentals
Industry Competitor Trends
Industry Competitor Compare


The strategic alliance between Howard Taylor, OLAP Office, and Assured Guaranty, underpinned by the innovative use of Power BI, has set a new benchmark in financial reporting and business intelligence. Through this collaboration, Assured Guaranty has not only optimized its financial reporting processes but also positioned itself as a forward-thinking leader, ready to navigate the complexities of the modern financial world.

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