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We simplify SEC GAAP company financial statement understanding using dashboards, reports, visualizations, forecasts and industry data, providing actionable insights to improve a company’s revenues and profits, whilst also providing GAAP understandings for better clarity.

Understanding or preparing complex GAAP SEC financial statements of a company, or companies within an industry or market index, is very expensive, time consuming, hard to understand and can result in lost opportunities.

We are in the business of visual financial statement dashboards, reporting, consolidations, understanding and forecasting. Our visualizations, dashboards, reports, and datasets simplify and accelerate the understanding, analysis and forecasting for you for over 13,000 SEC companies. Report(s) that take 160-hours to prepare, and then many hours of time to understand, are now available to be understood in hours, and at a far more efficient and cost-effective price point.

We have done all the heavy lifting for you, visually facilitating, and accelerating your analysis, understanding and decision making for your company, any other SEC company, or group of companies within an industry or market index. You can focus on growing your company’s revenues and profits.

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) are a set of standardized guidelines for financial accounting. They provide a framework for how financial statements should be prepared and presented, and help ensure that financial reporting is consistent and transparent and for the public’s benefit.

Financial professionals, such as accountants and financial analysts, are typically well-versed in GAAP, as they use these principles in their daily work. However, anyone with an interest in financial reporting and analysis should have at least a basic understanding of GAAP. We help provide this understanding by including GAAP education in our solutions. This simplifies and benefits all.

+13,000 companies

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Trace data to credible SEC GAAP documents - Discover and share insights in minutes

XBRL structure data delivers true value to analysts, improving how they perform their work. Accurate comprehensive datasets allows market professionals to use their market knowledge and expertise, providing better investment decisions and advice. 10-K (Annual), 10-Q (Quarterly), 8-K (Current) reports and more. 

We deliver insights by empowering users with robust and proven dashboards, visualizations and reports. The visualizations highlight interesting facts and insights, not always as noticeable when using data tables. The visualizations speed up understanding, and improve decisions.

We create certified financial datasets, reports, visualizations and dashboards for entity, industry, competitor, comparative entities and stock market data. Dashboards, reports and datasets can be leveraged and customized to an entities requirements and systems.

Access and search on full financial datasets and their tags.

Integrate the budgeting & forecasting process into the dataset and financial reporting environment to facilitate scenario comparisons, workgroup and data collection efficiencies. Data can be automatically projected or custom forecasts can be created and facilitated. Do this for any line item or any company.

Components In Our Solutions Include

A dataset is a container of data which may originate from over 150 data sources, including regulatory entities and data providers. Data for +13,000 public company.

A report is one or more pages of interactive visuals, text, and graphics that together make up a single report. Companies can embed these reports in their own web pages.

The visuals display the data from reports and datasets. Easier understanding is obtained by using visualizations. This improves how users perform their work.

Are screens with interactive visuals, text, and graphics. They collect the important metrics, to tell a story or answer a question. The content comes from one or more reports (>= 1 page), and one or more datasets.

Full integration using standard Excel functionality and formulas to create dataset linked customized reports. No custom Excel add-in required, and no add-in dependencies.

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Over 13,000 companies including
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We are a financial analytics, dataset and finance business intelligence company - designed by Accountants

Financial datasets, reports, visualizations, dashboards and financial reporting solutions are designed by Accountants for Accountants and Analysts. We have comprehensive IT, business intelligence and accounting experience since as early as 1991. Understanding the accounting processes, and our vast experience, is the differentiator. We aim to empower finance and analysts with the financial information they need to make progressive decisions. We consult, mentor & train.

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Providing certified datasets, business intelligence and financial reporting solutions since 1991. Solutions for management reporting, SEC, GAAP, IFRS, budgeting, forecasting and more. Contact us today to discuss

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