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Pivot Tables, Dynamic Updates, Formatted Reports, Ad-hoc Analysis, Charting, Downloads - Teams, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF & Email

Excel Pivot Tables

Direct access to the certified financial datasets of +13,000 public companies includes through the familiar Excel Pivot Table interface. Select, slice and dice the report and analysis you are looking for, while taking advantage of existing and corporate Excel themes. Pivot tables are an efficient way to create reports.

Formatted Reports & Charting

Create formatted Excel financial reports and charts that are dynamically linked to the datasets through standard Excel formula. No additional add-in is required as you can leverage your existing Microsoft Office knowledge and license.

Embed Reports into Teams Channel, PowerPoint & Email

Dynamic integrated and refreshable reports for:

  • Teams Channel collaboration.
  • PowerPoint presentations.

Subscribe to refreshed reports emailed on a daily basis.

Export to Excel, PowerPoint or PDF

Export the selected data to Excel, PowerPoint or PDF formats.

Download GAAP 10-K (Annual), 10-Q (Quarterly), 8-K (Current), etc. with Notes, Disclosures and more

Download your entity, industry and any of the other +13,000 company workbooks and notes in an Excel format. 

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