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Financial Statements (SEC) & Time Series Data

Company Financial Data

Company financial data can be analyzed over time with all the data at your finger tips. Point-and-click selection makes it easy to analyze through a table of information or through visualizations. Select any line item, or combination of line items from the company financials for your report. Get 10-K (Annual) , 10-Q (Quarterly), 8-K (Current) reports, notes, disclosures and more. Date from filings have already been merged and additional useful information created.

Compare Company & Industry Data

Compare time series data between companies, across an industry, or an Index. You can do this across any company statement line item or combination of items, providing for a very powerful and efficient analysis environment.

Segmented Financial Statements

Compare company data, all data from companies with an industry, or data from companies within an Index, in segmented financial statement formats. This enables analysis at a more detailed micro level for better understandings and comparisons of the businesses and their peers businesses. Breakdown levels could include geographical, business segment, statutory accounting practices by jurisdiction, equity components and more. Often these breakdowns could be industry specific.

Rollforwards & Breakouts

Enabling rollforwards and breakouts is essential to understanding the trends within the disclosed data.


Analyze and chart your time series data directly in Excel. Either export the data to Excel, or connect direct to the datasets using Pivot Tables. Often Excel is a favorite for data manipulation and formatting, with Finance Departments and Analysts being big supporters of Excel.

Material Time & Cost Savings

We have done all the heavy lifting for you to be able to spend more time on analyzing the trend information. This translates to increased opportunities, and significant time and costs savings. Some reports are taking companies over 160 hours to prepare and here you can have them in seconds.

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