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Join OLAP Office and be a part of the revolution in Business Intelligence (BI). As a Microsoft partner with a strong foundation in Power BI and artificial intelligence, OLAP Office is where innovation meets impact. Our team is driving BI solutions that serve over 13,000 SEC companies globally, making a difference in the financial strategies and decisions of businesses across continents. If you’re passionate about data, technology, and transformative solutions, your next career opportunity is here with us.

Why OLAP Office?

  • Pioneering BI Solutions: Work with the latest technologies in BI, data analysis, and financial reporting. Our solutions turn complex data into clear, actionable insights.

  • Expertise and Innovation: As part of the Microsoft partner network, OLAP Office is at the cutting edge of utilizing Power BI, Azure, and AI technologies. Our environment fosters innovation and learning.

  • Global Impact: Your work will influence financial strategies and decisions across North America, Europe, and Africa, offering an unmatched scope for making a difference.

  • Agile and Collaborative Culture: Thrive in an agile development environment that values collaboration, innovation, and your contribution to the future of BI technologies.

  • Career Growth: At OLAP Office, we’re committed to your professional development, offering diverse roles, continuous learning opportunities, and the chance to lead in the BI domain.

Current Openings

  • Data Analysts and Scientists
  • Sales and Marketing Professionals
  • BI Developers and Consultants
  • Project Managers and Strategists

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Discover a world of opportunities at OLAP Office. Innovate, excel, and lead in your career by joining a team that’s setting new standards in business intelligence and analytics.

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