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What’s your view of OLAP Office™, no value or know value?

Microsoft: “A Classic Microsoft BI Partner … OLAP Office™ have some interesting BI capabilities that may be of interest to you in providing wrapper functionality to your ERP solutions.”

Former Microsoft Business Performance Applications contractor: “Given my in-depth research, there is no other software solution in the market space that is capable of filling the void that OLAP Office fills.”

Matthew Hopper (RBS): OLAP Office is a sophisticated and powerful Microsoft based reporting technology leveraging of Microsoft Excel and SQL Server.   The product has been a success as it automates large parts of the accounting and reporting function taking much of the work out of reporting and analysis. 

Matthew George (Hambro): “The OLAP Office project has proved a great success with the acceptance of the solution by users being due to the familiar Excel interface. Using Excel as the Report Writer and modeling environment facilitates a friendly, easy to use, fast financial reporting and development environment. Using the ‘OLAP Office Explorer™’ interface enables us to create ad-hoc reports from our cubes (databases) of information without having to know or program any complex queries.”

James Beresford (CTC): “I have been working with OLAP Office™ closely since installing a Microsoft Analysis Services based management information solution at my company. We chose OLAP Office as our data browser because it offered the most user friendly and flexible interface. It enabled us to create the complex models we needed with ease and gives the rapid response times expected from a modern management information system. The views in particular make it possible to carry out large and complex queries extremely rapidly on cubes in excess of 10 million records. Anyone looking for an Excel browser for their Microsoft Analysis Services solution would do well to look at OLAP Office.” (Note: The product at this stage was known as o2olap for Excel)  Click here to read story.

Experienced US OLAP Consultancy: “I loved the speed that views were done in! I liked the “one-stop-shopping” to set up the views. There is one place to make all of my choices. My first impression is that OLAP Office has most features that people will want and is probably easiest to use. We have been forced to use tools other than XXX lately and found them more difficult, so the fact that he said that was a compliment!). I looked a little into the Profiler and think the idea is wonderful. Lets you do things that users always ask to do”.

Rønberg It Press Release for Microsoft Axapta – Extract: “Other alternative products for Business Intelligence have up to this point been insuperable for smaller organizations using Microsoft Axapta. Products such as Targit, Business Objects and Cognos have a solution, but at a cost, which only makes it interesting for larger organizations to apply Business Intelligence solutions on top of Microsoft Business Solutions systems. …. The data warehouse solutions are being used as a ’data-engine’ for Microsoft’s Reporting Services, with the solution being supported by ‘OLAP Office Explorer™’. “

Head of an Oracle BI consulting arm – 10 years BI experience: “The good news is that I have tried the example of your product and found it very good (easily comparable to xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx [leading Analysis Services client covered by OLAP analyst]) … I think your product is going places.”

Experienced SQL/Excel Reseller: “I just want to say one word about OLAP Office™: Excellent!”

Database Analyst for a large global company: “OLAP Office Explorer™ is the most complete product I have seen for Microsoft Analysis Services. … OLAP Office™ Cube Browser is a Pivot Table on steroids.” 

Director for Financial Accounting Services Company providing part time Finance Director services and a member of the BDO Stoy Hayward Alliance

  • The OLAP Office™ seminar is great introduction to OLAP and SQL Analysis Services
  • It is possible that OLAP will become the standard for businesses who lack the budget for well known reporting solutions or the like for automation of the production of meaningful management information
  • Because of dynamic linking, budgeting and forecasting can be made more efficient
  • OLAP is a logical progression for those who are frustrated by what they cannot do with pivot tables
  • It is not just general ledger data, the whole point is dynamic linking to all systems data.

PLC System Consultant – “This seminar was helpful in updating some of the current offerings in the OLAP market, especially the great strides Microsoft have made with Analysis Services both now and into the future.  The presentation concerning the use of DTS in integrating the business operation systems (Ledgers, Sales, CRM) to Analytical services was well done and demonstrated the ease in which “Download Spaghetti” can be replaced with a structured data extract, transformation and load process. The benefits of OLAP Office™ built over a DTS update to Analytical services were clearly demonstrated especially the ability to write back data to the models for forecasting purposes. All in all, a very worthwhile use of my time.”

OLAP Office™ Passes Veritest Test – OLAP Office Explorer™ passes a quality assurance test through Veritest. The program for testing was as designed by Microsoft with Veritest conducting the tests independently. This confirms the reliability of our software. For further information contact OLAP Office™.

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