Why Olap Office?

Business Intelligence for Financial Analysts and Accountants! 

We provide: 

  1. Entity Financial Datasets, Market Comparisons, Forecasts, Reports and Dashboards for leading market entities.
  2. Solutions for Management & Regulatory Reporting, Budgeting, Planning, Analysis & Graphics Business Intelligence Solutions.
  3. Consulting, Mentoring and Training for Microsoft Technologies.

Properly designed datasets and solutions, using OLAP Office expertise and Microsoft technologies, can improve financial reporting times and efficiency by at least 50%.

Here at OLAP Office™, we take productivity, business intelligence, olap and accounting solutions as seriously as you do. What excites us, is that we use Microsoft’s market leading platforms to evolve solutions using our vast accounting and financial experience to allow rapid application development (RAD) to evolve solutions quickly, maximizing your return-on-investment (ROI). 

Not only have our consultants been in the Business Intelligence industry since as early as 1991, but we also have qualified accountants that know the roadmap to good financial reporting solutions. We significantly improve your financial reporting capabilities using a combination of the latest Microsoft technologies to achieve optimal performance, efficiency, maintainability and report generation. Our philosophy and approach assists IT, BI, Finance and other departments to streamline development, lowering the cost of ownership. The process can be extremely fast and companies can see their reporting structures, needs and improved ways to work early on in the development process. 

Our solutions cater for:

  1. Shareable financial datasets
  2. Financial reporting cubes
  3. Consolidation of group reporting entities and departments
  4. Budgeting, forecasting and variance analysis.
  5. Currency translations
  6. Audit trails and reduced audit times
  7. Multiple reporting hierarchy
  8. Security – Integrated Microsoft Active Directory (AD)
  9. Slice and dice dynamic Power BI & Excel report generation.
  10. Structured properly solutions reducing errors.
  11. Drill-through to transaction data
  12. Data entry for centralized dataset & cube consumption
  13. Fast month end close
  14. Graphical dashboards & Reports, and improved workflow
  15. …. and more

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By taking advantage of our solutions, datasets & expertise you can expect to gain the following benefits in your reporting environments.

  1. Increased productivity by at least 50%
  2. Increased data accuracy and integrity
  3. Improved data collection process
  4. Improved Business Intelligence data
  5. Improved timeliness of data
  6. Improved accuracy of your accounting and analytical data
  7. Improved presentation and graphics
  8. improved data capture for Analysis Services & SQL Server
  9. An improved modelling approach with a more structured way to create and maintain applications and solutions.

OLAP Office works with partners to provide reporting solutions for some of the major ERP products and data sources available.

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