Web Site Analysis

Why Analyse Your Web Site’s Traffic?

There are many reasons why you might want to analyze your Web site’s traffic. At the lowest level, you want to determine if anyone is coming in to your Web Site in order to justify the site’s existence. You also want to know which demographic groups are visiting your site.

Once you have determined that people are indeed visiting your web site, the next step is to identify which pages they are viewing. When you know what content is popular and what content is ignored, you can tailor your content to satisfy your customers.

A more detailed analysis of your Web site will assist you in increasing the traffic to your Web site and to optimize navigation patterns. For example, by determining which sites are referring visitors to your site, you can determine which online marketing activities are most successful at driving traffic to your site. Conversely, by combining your Web site traffic data with other data sources, such as your customer databases, you can determine which ad campaigns, for example, generated the most revenue versus just the most visitors. This allows you to calculate the return on investment (ROI) of specific online marketing campaigns as well as get detailed information about your online customers and prospects. 

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