All you need to know is we can help increase customer satisfaction

(not that we can make a difference to the bottom line)

Sales analysis could include:

  • Product Performance Analysis: Understand the sales trends, product mix and seasonality issues, individual product profitability and product life cycle issues helps to determine which products will bring the greatest opportunity for return on investment (ROI)
  • Customer Profitability: Understand customer buying habits, shift sales and support focus to customers that will bring the greatest ROI and devise strategies to grow the customer base or retain existing customers. Customers are the lifeblood to most companies and thus it is important to ensure that a full understanding of their contribution is known. Knowing customer buying preferences also helps in identifying the services to provide to customers so as to stimulate growth.
  • Sales performance: Measure sales interactions to help managers identify low-performing areas and spotlight the most successful sales channels.

OLAP Office Explorer™ and Microsoft’s Analysis Services (OLAP) provide a solid platform to provide the business intellligence you require for sales analysis. It is possible to analyse the top product earners for a given entity for given products, and more.  Client billing applications can even be created on these platforms. An example of this would be for instance, a central internet service to which subscribers subscribe. OLAP technology can be used to both calculate and prepare billing amounts for this service.

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