OLAP Office Explorer

What Is OLAP Office Explorer?

OLAP Office Explorer is the first Free-Form Pivot TableTM that call also slice industry standard financial statements in the OLAP arena. OLAP Office Explorer is in its second iteration and takes advantage of experience in the OLAP arena since 1991. The OLAP Office methodology can get transferred to any matrix(spreadsheet) or web based matrix, which opens up a host of opportunities for the innovative OLAP Office technology. The technology provides a structured way to create and maintain solutions within an OLAP and spreadsheet environment.

What Is A Free-Form Pivot TableTM?

Your OLAP Office Free-Form Pivot TableTM is extremely flexible and is your report. It is like any other spreadsheet report, whilst still taking advantage of the structured approach of OLAP technology. The OLAP Office pivot table is free-form in nature whilst leveraging the benefits of Microsoft’s Excel modelling, presentation, graphical and forms functionality. You can create any report you need and if a spreadsheet is your friend, then you will love OLAP Office Explorer.

Reports can have more than one view of information and can reference an unlimited number of cubes within the report. All views can be controlled with the same filters (page dimensions) to ensure that you are always looking at the correct data from the numerous views.

Cube Writeback

OLAP Office allows you to input and model data directly into any centralized cubes from your Excel spreadsheet. Your data is stored in your structured OLAP cubes and Excel becomes your presentation layer. The writeback functionality is extensive, which opens up a raft of potential solutions and application opportunities.  These inlcude:

  • Budgeting & forecasting
  • Financial reporting
  • General spreadsheet databasing where your data is centralized into cubes and your spreadsheet becomes your presentation layer.
  • … any other application you can think of where you need to capture data!

Create Management Packs & Storybooks

OLAP Office provides a rapid application development (RAD) methodology to create applications or story books of information. The functionality allows users and developers to improve their effectiveness in delivery solutions to their users in a timely manner.

Who Uses OLAP Technology & OLAP Office Explorer?

The acronym OLAP was coined by Dr. E.F. Codd in 1995 and the business intelligence market has erupted since then. The leading technology in the market today is Microsoft’s SQL Server and Analysis Services. OLAP Office Explorer leverages these technologies together with Microsoft Office. To find out more about OLAP technology then please refer to the menu area [SOLUTIONS]->[OLAP].

OLAP technology specifically overcomes all those issues associated with spreadsheets and allows you to have more control and accuracy over your data. To read up more about the “Spreadsheet Pitfalls & Time Wasters” please refer to the end of this document.

OLAP technology is utilized by accountants, analysts, database administrators and more. Solutions developed by OLAP Office™ have been developed using the products detailed to create financial reporting and business intelligence solutions. Features within the products were designed specifically to meet the needs of financial accountants and analysts in their reporting and data mining needs. Microsoft Gold Certified Partner status has been achieved by OLAP Office™.

Why Use OLAP Office Explorer and Microsoft’s Analysis Services?

OLAP Office Explorer and OLAP technology can improve your spreadsheet and productivity by at least 50% if you are not using OLAP technology. You can create mature OLAP and Business Intelligence solutions with OLAP Office Explorer™. Excel is the familiar report writer that everyone knows how to use. Leverage Excel’s power to prepare, model, format, chart and publish financial reports. At the same time, you leverage your existing internal knowledge and training investment. You do not have to learn a new report writer or interface.

Solutions and Applications

All the areas covered under the Solutions area of this web site are achievable with OLAP Office Explorer™, Microsoft SQL Server and Analysis Services.

Veritest Approved

OLAP Office Explorer™ has passed various quality assurance tests carried out by the independent organisation, Veritest. The testing program was designed by Microsoft.

Spreadsheet Timewaster & Pitfalls – Reduce your risks, improve accountability

Working and reporting within a spreadsheet development environment can increase the risk to organisations due to the inherent pitfalls attributable to spreadsheets, which may also include the chances of deliberate manipulation by preparers. Areas that increase risk, inaccuracy and time wasting, include those listed below.

  • Data redundancy is prevalent due to one data cell being kept in more than one unlinked spreadsheet.
  • Numbers included in formulae that are not easily traceable.
  • Redefinition of the same calculation in different spreadsheets.
  • Reconciling of spreadsheet links from spreadsheet to spreadsheet.
  • Importing of files from other data sources into spreadsheets and their linking to the imported data structures.
  • Formatting numerous worksheets.
  • Spreadsheet proliferation and maintenance.
  • Maintenance of macros.
  • Insertion of new column and row members and the adjustment of their formulae.
  • Accuracy of data in spreadsheets is far lower due to the high risk.
  • Unstructured approach to spreadsheet development and maintenance.
  • Executive Information Solutions (EIS) and management packs are time consuming to create and often  have limitations on the size of the solution as the spreadsheet environment just cannot handle the volume of data and linking.
  • Saving workbooks in the correct order to get the correct number for the relevant process you are going through.
  • Copying and saving the previous process/month workbooks to use for the current process/month.

Most spreadsheet pitfalls and time wasters are overcome by using Microsoft’s SQL Server, Analysis Services and OLAP Office Explorer™. OLAP Office Explorer™ provides organisations with a more structured and accurate development methodology that reduces risk and speeds up reporting times and accuracy. Some organisations have improved reporting times by over 50%, as well as providing more information which reconciles irrespective of the perspective of the data you are viewing.

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