The original founder of OLAP Office became one of the first resellers for TM1, now owned by IBM. Thier company was bought by the international TM1 distributor in 1996. At this stage the company had 75% of the UK TM1 market, with clients in Europe, North America, and Africa. The company was the leading TM1 supplier and solution provider in the market at the time with Thompson Reuters being their largest client with +800 users world-wide.  


The original founders of OLAP Office set up their new business intelligence company investing in Microsoft’s first business intelligence product, “OLAP Services”, within the SQL Server 7 release.  


In 2000, Microsoft released Analysis Services 2000. It was renamed from “OLAP Services” due to the inclusion of data mining services. The founders begin the developing the first iteration of OLAP Office Explorer to include functionality not available within Microsoft products. 


The first iteration of OLAP Office Explorer is released with much hype in 2003. Microsoft got wind of the product and invited one of the founders to Microsoft head office in Redmond where they met the Analysis Services team which also helped to confirm the confidence in the Microsoft Analysis Services platform. The lead developer of OLAP Office Explorer was approach by the Microsoft heads of Business Intelligence, Analysis Services and Microsoft Office departments.


Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services (SSAS) delivers online analytical processing (OLAP) and data mining functionality for business intelligence applications. The change to the underlying methodology changes significantly and OLAP Office decide to start rewriting OLAP Office Explorer from the ground up to add more flexibility to cater for any type of report and a new paradigm to an OLAP Browser, i.e. a free-form report writer. 


The second iteration of OLAP Office Explorer was released to take into account the significant changes in in approach of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services. The company took the opportunity to write the ultimate flexible Excel based browser for cubes. 

2008 R2

Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services (SSAS) delivered a change in the methodology for writeback which opened up the type of solution that was typically seen in other more established OLAP tools. Click here for more information. 


OLAP Office Explorer functionality was extended to include some additional functionality to assist users manage and implement multiple hierarchies. 


Microsoft releases SQL Server 2012 in early March and a service pack in November 2012. Analysis Services functionality remains relatively static.

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