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Certified Financial Datasets

Certified Financial Data

Certified Datasets for Entity Financials, Market & competitor Comparisons, Forecasts, Reports and Dashboards for entities.

Our certified datasets are optimized data models that have evolved after leveraging our extensive business intelligence implementation experience and international accounting knowledge and exposure since 1991. Knowing how accountants work and what their reporting requirements are, ensures we take that right route in the evolvement of these certified financial datasets and optimized models.  


Datasets represent a source of data ready for reporting and visualization. A dataset is a collection of data that you import or connect to. Power BI lets you connect to and import all sorts of datasets and bring all of it together in one place. Datasets can also source data from dataflows. Datasets are stored in a Power BI workspace and can be accessed across workspaces for other reports and visualizations to leverage.

Dataset types include:

  • An existing data model not hosted in a Power BI capacity
  • A Power BI Desktop file that contains a model
  • Excel table(s) and/or a workbook data model, or CSV file uploads
  • A push dataset
  • A streaming or hybrid streaming dataset

Other than streaming datasets, the dataset represents a data model, which leverages the mature modeling technologies of Analysis Services.

Model Structures

Our mature optimized dataset models use a star schema approach with dimension and fact tables being defined for optimal efficiency within a Tabular structure. This is consistent with accepted modern datawarehouse theory. Knowing financial user requirements, and how to combine these into a composite model, enable for efficient high performing optimized certified datasets and financial solutions.

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