Fast Reporting

Improve your financial reporting solutions with reporting structures represented in a combination of Microsoft SQL Server, Analysis Services (OLAP and Business Intelligence), Excel and web environments. The Microsoft and OLAP Office approach allows for easy maintenance, control and report generation. Excel is a tool that accountants are very comfortable with and this can be used for presentation and maintenance, but also in conjunction with web technologies. Our philosophy and approach assists IT, BI, Finance and other departments to streamline their approach enabling companies to operate more efficiently and effectively. The process can be extremely fast and companies could see their reporting structures, needs and improved ways to work within hours.

The solution caters for

  1. Financial reporting cubes
  2. Consolidation of group reporting entities and departments
  3. Budgeting, forecasting and variance analysis.
  4. Currency translations
  5. Audit trails and reduced audit times
  6. Multiple reporting hierarchy
  7. Security
  8. Slice and dice dynamic Excel report generation.
  9. A structured way to maintain the solution reducing errors considerably.
  10. Excel data entry direct to the centralized data cubes
  11. Fast month end close
  12. Graphics, workflow and dashboards
  13. …. and more
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