Data Mining

Giving data integrity, meaning and overall relationships

Data mining allows users to identify patterns in their data that ultimately could affect management decisions and strategies. To achieve a full understanding of vast amounts of information, it is necessary to adopt a tool that can supply this information. Failing to adopt a data mining strategy will result in either lost opportunities, failure to identify changing patterns or even the potential failure of an organization for not reacting to the changes.

The main goal of most data mining projects is to use a mining model to create predictions. After you explore and compare mining models, you can use one of several tools to create predictions. Analysis Services provides a query language called Data Mining Extensions (DMX) that is the basis for creating predictions.

A practical example of this is where a computer company releases different products for new technologies and needs to know what is the most popular product over time. By watching the trends for the various products, will assist the company in knowing what stocks to maintain as well as what type of products will sell better to their client base.

Microsoft Analysis Services (OLAP) data mining toolkit is second to none and helps organizations to focus on key business decisions.

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