Consolidate your world – quickly!

Consolidating financial information into meaningful financial information is often essential for companies to present and analyze the results of both the operations and financial position of a reporting entity. The consolidation of information could include the aggregation of various combinations of companies into sub-consolidations and then an overall group company consolidation of all the sub-consolidations.

With Microsoft’s Analysis Services (OLAP), consolidations and preparation of financial management, statutory, regulatory and head office accounts is simplified significantly. The technology operates the way accountants think. With OLAP Office™ methodology for handling multiple hierarchies also helps to improve control and reconciliation for multiple reporting formats.

Features include:

  • Parent-child and star-schema relationship management of consolidated companies and cost centers within companies
  • Multiple hierarchies within a group structure or structures
  • Associate company accounting
  • Joint venture accounting
  • Changing group structures
  • Consolidation adjustments through journaling
  • World-wide translations of group company accounts into the base reporting currency. Base reporting currency can in turn be translated into any other currency, including the European Monetary Unit (refer to Currencies page)
  • Inter-company eliminations
  • Journaling
  • Drill down/up navigation on the consolidation structures of the entity
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