Rønberg IT – Axapta Solution

Rønberg IT releases a new concept for Microsoft Business Solution, Axapta Denmark — Increasing demands on analyzing and reporting solutions are now being supported by a complete data warehouse solution for Microsoft Business Solution, Axapta.

When using Microsoft Reporting Services, some of the reporting needs have been satisfied, but the data structure of Microsoft Axapta is still resulting in considerable cost to developing new reports.

Other alternative products for Business Intelligence have up to this point been insuperable for smaller organizations using Microsoft Axapta. Products such as Targit, BusinessObjects and Cognos have a solution, but at a cost, which only makes it interesting for larger organizations to apply Business Intelligence solutions on top of Microsoft Business Solutions systems.

Rønberg It is now offering a data warehouse solution at a reasonable price, where all can join in. The solution is primarily developed for organizations using Microsoft Axapta. It caters for all business areas including financial reporting, sales, supply chain management (SCM) for solutions catering for follow-up and analysis of project and Material and Resource Planning (MRP) organizations.

The data warehouse solutions are being used as a ’data-engine’ for Microsoft’s Reporting Services, with the solution being supported by ‘OLAP Office Explorer’. Together, they give a unique opportunity to create your analytical reporting solution, which includes ad hoc interrogation and freeform customized reports. ‘OLAP Office Explorer’ also allows dynamic querying and data entry to Analysis Services cubes.

’OLAP Office Explorer’ is the fastest and most flexible Excel based SQL and Analysis Services reporting tool in the OLAP and analytic markets today. ‘OLAP Office Explorer’ was designed for fast analysis and report writing using Excel as the report writer.

The solution is based on Microsoft Analysis Services and Microsoft Reporting Services, which is a part of Microsoft SQL Server. The main part of all Axapta installations are preformed on Microsoft SQL Server, which make those products available without cost.

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