Analysis Services (SSAS)

Microsoft is making Business Intelligence (BI) easier and more accessible to organizations of all sizes, across all industries and market segments. BI Solutions built using the Microsoft Office System enable organizations of all sizes to achieve operating excellence and business agility by enabling decisions that drive business performance. Learn how OLAP Office Explorer™, Microsoft Office, Microsoft SQL Server™ and Analysis Services data management and analysis systems can deliver a higher return on investment and increase competitive advantage through faster, more informed decision-making. OLAP Office™ is providing fast, efficient, reporting solutions using OLAP technology with Microsoft’s Analysis Services being the platform of choice. Software and solutions for analysts and accountants have been written and designed by Chartered Accountants that have been in the OLAP arena since 1991 and whom have consulted to numerous Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 companies.

Microsoft SQL Server gives users an excellent, streamlined database platform for large-scale, online transactional processing (OLTP), data warehousing and e-commerce applications. SQL Server offers users a fully integrated XML environment, adds a new data mining feature in Analysis Services and enhances repository technology with Meta Data Services. Analysis Services introduces data mining, which is used to discover information in OLAP cubes and relational databases. Learn how SQL Server improves security controls, enhances client connectivity, and makes real-time data analysis possible. Microsoft SQL Server Meta Data Services extends and renames the former repository component known as Microsoft Repository. Learn how Meta Data Services extends repository technology with the introduction of a new browser for viewing data in a repository database, new XML interchange support, and new repository engine features.What’s new is Analysis Services 2012

  • Dimension Design 
    • Attribute Relationship Designer
    • Enhanced Wizard
    • Streamlined Interface
  • Aggregation Designer
  • AMO Design Warnings
  • Query Performance & Scalability
  • Significant Write-back performance improvements. Refer to the menu item [Product] -> [Microsoft] -> [Fast 2012 Writeback] for an explanation on how writeback works.
  • Usage-Based optimization wizard
  • Personalized User Experience
  • MDX Improvements
  • MDX Debbuger
  • Syntax Extension
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