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An Accountants New Life

As an accountant, are you drowning under the workload? The numbers do not agree again?

Long hours and late nights. Lots of spreadsheets. Lots of reconciliations. Always checking and then rechecking. No time to analyze the information the way you would like to. Always chasing your butt? Being reactive as opposed to proactive. Oh, the auditors are here as well and your boss is not happy again! Is this your life? Do you need a holiday? 

Save at least 8 hours a week is just one of the advantages.

Centralizing your data in a more structured manner will enable your team to operate in a more efficient and effective way, helping to drive profitability upwards. OLAP Office Explorer gives you this ability. So come and join our community who are already experiencing the benefits.

Spreadsheet users become more accurate and efficient

The underlying technology from Microsoft and OLAP Office enable a more structured way to create and maintain solutions. Accuracy of data improves, the reconciliation process is reduced and spreadsheet timewasters are almost eliminated, whilst still being able to leverage user spreadsheet knowledge.

Accountants prepare information in half the time

Closing 50% faster with your month financial reporting requirements will enable your company to be more proactive than reactive. Remove the clerical tasks associated with data preparation and give accountants back the time to analyze and take action on the information. 

Budgeting, forecasting and data collection could not be simpler

Easily prepare, collect and consolidate data using a raft of easy to use functionality. It could not be simpler and is a synch for the budgeting forecasting process. You can even do what-if scenarios where you can commit the information when you are satisfied, or even commit it at a time that suites you.

Your pivot table becomes your report

OLAP Office Explorer is the first free-form pivot table that generates financial statements on the market. Seeing is believing, so come and see how you can make your pivot table become your report. It is very simple and you can create any report you want.

We got it right on behalf of Microsoft

OLAP Office have the solution that Microsoft were trying to get to with various products. Come and see why ex-Microsoft employees, who worked within the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack of products, are so excited about OLAP Office Explorer. This is the functionality that users have wanted and more…

Your new life beckons you. Take your first step today by attending a live webinar! Click here.

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